Dec 6th NAT services in Norway - downtime [RESOLVED]

On 6 Dec at 03:06:31 CET
Virt-NO01 failed to respond to ping.   
On 6 Dec 06:33:24 CET 
Virt-NO01 responds to ping again, servers booting up.   
Investigating why, monitoring shows a sudden increase of disk activity and high load.

Nov 26th [DE] - Slow disk experience

I am aware of the crippling disk speed in DE and I ask all that is constantly running dd test to see when it improves to stop doing that. :)      I am monitoring to see if it is a temporary situation because of the black friday sales.    If it hasn’t improved next week a maintenance window will be planned to add more hardware. ... Read More »

Nov 10th Shared Hosting upgrade in Phoenix

It was brought to my attention that the shared hosting packages in Phoenix weren't provisioned as advertised.
This has now been adjusted for all customers, old as new.

Oct 15th Connection issues Kansas City - RESOLVED

2017-10-15 01:00 (CET) Looks like connection issues with the Kansas City location. From what I can see there is a IP announcement problem. Techs on-site has been notified and are looking into the issue.       Information is gathered to help resolving this as soon as possible.      [UPDATE 02:49 CET]   Connection to the server was ... Read More »

Oct 3rd Updates on rDNS requests

There is an upadted post on LowendSpirit Forum on how you add and request a rDNS entry for your assigned IPv6 range.

Read it here

Sep 21st [RESOLVED] - Virtualizor issues

Currently investigating virtualizor connection issues.

Sorry for the troubles.

[UPDATE 01:25 AM CET] Issue resolved, mysqld stopped responding.

Sep 15th Emergency network maintenance - Sofia, Bulgaria

There is an undergoing emergency network maintenace in Sofia, Bulgaria.
For the next 4 hours intermittent network outages are expected.

Sorry for any troubles.

Aug 21st [resolved] IPv6 routing issues in BG

Reports of IPv6 problems in BG has come in, I'm looking into the issue and am in contact with the network staff.
Updates as soon as I have more information. 
[UPDATE] - issue resolved by 20:30 CET.

Jul 18th New Service available! - Low end NAT VPS in Germany

Would like to take this opportunity to add an announcement that OpenVZ NAT servers are now available to order. I've posted an offer on both and on free to sign up and ... Read More »

Jul 11th Billing panel updated

Billing panel has been updated and moved to another server. Please let me knw any problems that might appear.