Sep 21st [RESOLVED] - Virtualizor issues

Currently investigating virtualizor connection issues.

Sorry for the troubles.

[UPDATE 01:25 AM CET] Issue resolved, mysqld stopped responding.

Sep 15th Emergency network maintenance - Sofia, Bulgaria

There is an undergoing emergency network maintenace in Sofia, Bulgaria.
For the next 4 hours intermittent network outages are expected.

Sorry for any troubles.

Aug 21st [resolved] IPv6 routing issues in BG

Reports of IPv6 problems in BG has come in, I'm looking into the issue and am in contact with the network staff.
Updates as soon as I have more information. 
[UPDATE] - issue resolved by 20:30 CET.

Jul 18th New Service available! - Low end NAT VPS in Germany

Would like to take this opportunity to add an announcement that OpenVZ NAT servers are now available to order. I've posted an offer on both and on free to sign up and ... Read More »

Jul 11th Billing panel updated

Billing panel has been updated and moved to another server. Please let me knw any problems that might appear.

May 24th Outage Amsterdam location [RESOLVED]

We are aware of an outage in our Amsterdam location, and we currently have multiple techs working on it.     Updates will follow as soon as there are any new informationUPDATE: At 3 am CET I was sent this message:This has been resolved. Earlier this morning the CP-AM01 server had a major crash. It took quite a bit of time, but we had to ... Read More »

Mar 2nd NL cPanel - not serving websites [resolved]

I am aware of the situation in NL, server responds on ping but it doesn't serve any webpages. 

Working on the issue. Updates will follow as work progress..

[UPDATE] 09:14 CET
Server is back online

Mar 30th US Phoenix - hardware change

We will do an unplanned hardware exchange on the US Phoenix location. Expected downtime is 15-30 minutes. 

Sorry for the unplanned downtime.


26 minutes later and everything is back up and running.

Mar 19th [INFO] - Change of Client Area template

Due to the original FCSH template was incompatible with WHMCS 6 there has been a temporary change to a stock template while the old template is being worked on.

Mar 4th (IMPORTANT) Miami RFO - Follow up

This announcement/email is an update to the RFO sent out to all customers regarding the Miami outage. To clarify the position right now, the interim hardware is configured and available, provisioning of fresh accounts will start later this afternoon/tonight (CET), once the long term replacement hardware is delivered at the weekend there will be a ... Read More »

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