Mar 30th US Phoenix - hardware change

We will do an unplanned hardware exchange on the US Phoenix location. Expected downtime is 15-30 minutes. 

Sorry for the unplanned downtime.


26 minutes later and everything is back up and running.

Mar 19th [INFO] - Change of Client Area template

Due to the original FCSH template was incompatible with WHMCS 6 there has been a temporary change to a stock template while the old template is being worked on.

Mar 4th (IMPORTANT) Miami RFO - Follow up

This announcement/email is an update to the RFO sent out to all customers regarding the Miami outage. To clarify the position right now, the interim hardware is configured and available, provisioning of fresh accounts will start later this afternoon/tonight (CET), once the long term replacement hardware is delivered at the weekend there will be a ... Read More »

Mar 2nd (IMPORTANT) Miami RFO

Late afternoon on the 29th February connectivity to the shared hosting server in Miami was gradually lost over a period of a few hours. This included all remote and out of band access via iLO/IPMI equipment. All controls within the provider’s control panels also failed to respond to any requests. Requests for information and remote hands ... Read More »